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Greetings, and thanks for exploring my portfolio! I’m the proud founder of Palmetto Media Company, offering Social Media, Videography, Graphic Design, and Web Design services. My wife and I are currently journeying across the USA in our 5th Wheel. We dedicate our weekdays to full-time work and reserve weekends for discovering new places. Content creation is my primary focus, and I’m keen to apply my expertise in producing high-quality content for other platforms, influencers, or entities.

Being on the move doesn’t impact my productivity since I always have my office and gear with me. I’m easily accessible, always at the ready, and can adjust to travel on short notice.

Please continue scrolling to view samples of my video and social media work. Thanks once more for your visit!

Gary Tucker

Reels / Shorts

video examples

This video is from my personal RV Travel Channel and demonstrates storytelling as well as the use of supporting clips. It also includes a call to action, inviting viewers to watch a longer version of the video on my YouTube channel.

This video was created for the East Coast Campgrounds’ social media channels. It demonstrates the ability to compile random clips from across the web, develop a theme, and create a manuscript for an engaging clip to help build an audience for the channel.

This video demonstrates the ability to clip a longer, interview-style video into a 60-second reel or YouTube short, highlighting the main parts without losing the theme of the original video. It also showcases the use of supporting B-roll clips and images to maintain audience engagement.

This video was made from raw footage sent by an insurance agent. She provided the footage, shared the video’s purpose, and I handled the rest — writing the script and creating the voiceover using an AI voice generator.

The script for this video was adapted from an excerpt of a book by Ross Swope, the author of ‘Ethical-Based Policing: Solving the Use of Excessive Force.’ All clips were taken from stock footage, and the original story was rewritten to fit a 60-second voiceover.

A simple informational video for a health and fitness-oriented channel. These types of videos are great for adding value to a channel and generally bring many subscribers if you stay specific to your niche.

Landscape Video


Toggle SEO  
This promotional video for Toggle SEO showcases the integration of B-Rolls and animated graphics.

Explainer Video 
This video clip was produced for the 4Ward Operations Online Course titled “Interview Skills to Land Your Dream Job” to discuss the emerging trend of unusual interview questions posed by employers.


Black Friday Ad
This promotional clip was produced for 4WardOperations to highlight their Black Friday sale on the Fundamentals of Leadership Course.

Recruiter Expainer Video
This animated video was developed for New Life Insurance as a recruitment strategy to attract new employees.

Sizzle Reel
A one-minute “Sizzle Reel” showcases a message from Tim Tebow, with added text blocks to improve viewer engagement.

Crossflix+ Promotional Ad
This ad for Crossflix Plus was designed to attract new subscribers to their Christian video streaming platform. It exemplifies the capability to craft and produce a succinct advertisement that delivers ample information quickly. The content for this ad was derived from an 8-minute product overview video that was provided by Crossfiix Plus.

New Year Motivation 
This motivational type of video demonstrates the ability to weave a series of themed B-roll clips into a message to support the content and maintain viewer retention.

Step by Step Tutorial Videos
Tutorial video explaining how to use the website Shakzilla.io to purchase unsupported tokens from Coinbase. I also created all of the animations and B-roll footage to clarify the message.

Social Media

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