Christmas Sale!

Logo Sale

Get a high quality logo that will enhance your business or brand!

If you have an idea of what you want your logo to look like, we’ll start the creation process from what you have in mind.

If you’re unsure of what you want your logo to look like, we’ll create up to three logo ideas for you to choose from with your company or brand in mind.

Upon completion of the initial design process, we will share the logo design(s) with you. If you are not satisfied we ‘ll fine tune your logo until you are satisfied with the end result.

After the logo is approved, a high and low quality image in JPG and PNG formats will be sent in addition to a scalable vector file.

Free Complimentary Logo

Square and round logos work great for social media icons or other applications perfectly, but they aren’t always friendly for letterhead or other applications that may call for a wider option of your branding. For this reason, we will throw in a complimentary logo that keeps the same look and feel of the main logo.

Get two logos for $150 ($100 Savings)

Website Sale

Landing Page

A landing page is a standalone web page often created specifically for a marketing campaign or to promote an upcoming business launch or event. This page functions like a landing page as everything regarding this sale is contained within this standalone page.

If you want a page that tells people about you or your brand but don’t have the content for a full blown site then a landing page is perfect for you.

Standard Five Page Site

Five page websites are commonly used by many businesses and generally consist of the following format:

1. Home page (Main Page)
2. About us Page
3. Services Page
4. Gallery Page
5. Contact Page

If you want a page to highlight your business, your services, previous examples of work, then a five page website is the way to go.

E-Commerce or Complex Business

We love tackling E-Commerce and websites that deal with subscriptions, appointment scheduling, etc.

Due to the different needs of these type of sites, we cannot give a “One Size Fits All” price. If you are interested in such a site, please send a message below with some details, and we will send you a quote minus the $100 discount!

Our Website Designs are Mobile Friendly

Whether viewing your site from a desktop computer, notebook computer, tablet or smart phone, your site will be designed for optimal viewing on all platforms.

If you currently have a website that is not mobile friendly, we would love to give your site an overhaul!  If it is a typical 5 page website as mentioned above, just purchase the five page web design and we will get the revamp process started as soon as possible!

If you have a website and want to see how mobile friendly it is, check out the free Google Mobile Friendly Test

What happens after you purchase a website design?

After purchasing a design package, you will be directed to a questionnaire to answer many of the questions that will be needed before the design process begins.

After reviewing your answers, we will give you a call within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) and discuss your ideas, color schemes, target audience, timeline, etc. When the details are set, we will begin the design process.

Once the design is completed and we have walked you through your new website,  you will have access to our website tutorial page, which will step you through the back end of the site so you can confidently make updates and changes to your site. 


Frequently Asked Questions about our Web Design Services

Does web design include a domain name and hosting?
No – the price for our website design does not include a domain name or hosting.  For an additional $100, we can set up hosting and locate an available domain name if you do not already have one.


If you would like to pick out your own domain and hosting services, there are plenty of domain hosting companies to choose from.


When purchasing, make sure you get the “Shared hosting” package, which will be a cheaper package, as you won’t need all the extra fluff that comes with managed hosting.


A few of many hosting options to choose from:


HostGator – Hosting packages starting at approximately $3 per month. HostGator is great for landing pages or the average five page site. If you have a more complex site in mind or you’re all about the speed, you would want to choose a hosting company such as Site Ground, because they are geared for speed and e-commerce sites.


Site GroundSiteGround was engineered with speed and security in mind. It’s built on the latest SSD hardware and also adds a caching tool, which is designed to speed up your website.


Once you have hosting set up, you simply give us temporary access to the hosting account, and the website creation process will begin.

If you would rather us set up the domain and hosting options for one year, add the hosting option to your cart.

Hosting Option $100

What if I'm not satisfied with the Web Design?

We take pride in our work and would never leave you hanging with a design that you’re unhappy with.

To ensure that we are headed in the right direction, we will provide options before we get out of the gate with the design process.

After purchasing a design package, you will be directed to a questionnaire to answer many of the questions that will be needed before the design process begins.

After reviewing your answers, we will give you a call within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) and discuss your ideas, color schemes, target audience, etc.

If we absolutely cannot satisfy your design needs, we will be more then happy give you a full refund and delete our work from your site.

Do you design all types of websites?

No. We are a family friendly company and have the right to refuse services at our discretion.

We will not design websites with sexual or pornographic content.

We will not design websites with hateful content.

If someone purchases a web design that falls within those categories, we will kindly refuse service and give them a full refund.

Video Slide Show Sale

Video Slideshow

Christmas is a great time to play a video slideshow of all of your past Christmas family memories.  Just send us your pictures and video clips and we’ll put a video together for you to share with your friends and family.

Slideshows are not limited to Christmas memories only. There are several applications that people use slide shows for:

Wedding Receptions
Birthday Parties
Business Presentations
Anniversary gifts
Funerals and more

Special Christmas Pricing

$50 - Video with 50 Images / Video Clips or Less

$60 - Video with 75 Images / Video Clips or Less

$70 - Video with 100 Images / Video Clips or Less

Sweet 16 Birthday Video

In this example the customer sent us a video and images to be used for their daughters “Sweet Sixteen” birthday party. They also sent us an mp3 that they had purchased to be used for this video.

If you have specific music that you want for your video, you can e-mail us your audio files to be included with the video. Otherwise we will use audio from our stock library for music.

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